How To Build Your MLM Business On A Small Budget


We all know that to make money we have to invest money at some level. But, how does a person with the dream of building their own business build it when they have a small budget? Below are some tips to doing just that – all with the idea that small steps are just as productive as big ones. So, keep your doubts at bay and realize that even a person with little money to invest has a shot at success!

1. Choose a company with small start-up costs.

The choices for which MLM company to pursue are practically limitless. If you are starting with a small budget then begin by choosing a company with a lower start-up fee. This will leave room for other necessary expenditures. Not to worry, if the MLM company you really love is too expensive for your wallet, given time you can earn enough to expand your operation to include both. Many network marketers are loyal to more than one company and consider it a means towards true wealth generation through multiple lines of income.

2. Choose a company team with packaged lead generation tools.

One way to ensure you can get up and running quickly is to choose the right team to align with in an MLM company. Instead of letting recruiters seek you out and pressuring you to accept their methods, research different groups within a company and be proactive in choosing one that gives you the best tools as part of their team structure. However, keep in mind that if you don’t align with anyone, there are coaches such as myself who can help you find tools at little cost on your own.

3. Keep your marketing and outreach entirely online.

There is one thing we know in this economy, and that is the price of gas is astronomical and only getting worse. Traveling to distant team meetings for in-person training and motivation may not be possible. In addition, driving to speak with prospects may be impossible due to distance. It is important to remember that today’s lead generation is national, if not international, even if you rely on family and friends through something like social networks. Remember to apply techniques like sales pages and email marketing with auto-responders and keep promoting using online mediums to keep costs down.

4. Use resources the MLM company gives you with membership.

Now that you’ve chosen a company and a team, it is important to ensure that if the team does not provide the sales pages and auto-responder systems you should have access to resources directly from the company like testimonials and videos, if not even your own web site. Deciding whether to invest in a team’s packaged lead generation system or branching out on your own depends on how tight your budget is and how familiar you are with online marketing. Either way, you should always be able to rely on your network marketing company for resources to assist you in selling, recruiting and marketing.

5. Use social media to generate leads rather than buying packages.

Again, if you have found a reliable team that mass advertises your product and can deliver reliable leads for your email list, you always have the option of buying those leads. However, most new business owners with a small budget can’t afford such conveniences, so keep in mind that social media is an excellent way to build a list on your own. All it takes is a few quality recruits to get you rolling and with time your list can grow outside your family and friends.

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