How To Effectively Follow Up In MLM (Top 5 Strategies)


Never ever give up on your prospects! Take this advice and you’ll be well on your way to being a successful network marketer. Find out the 5 best strategies to use when following up with your prospects.

Like watching a dog chase after its own tail and never catching it, following up with prospects can sometimes be extremely frustrating. Have you ever felt this way when following up with your prospects? And by prospects we mean the real ones – the ones who showed interest in your offer.


Most network marketers never follow up with prospects after contacting them for the first time. And then you have the others who don’t follow up enough. Some say that they do not want to bother or inconvenience a prospect so they do not follow up much.

And as sweet as that may be, it could be a way of evading the fact that you just DON’T KNOW how to follow up properly! If you don’t know how to do this or how often to remind your prospects that you exist, then read up.

Most sales people don’t know what to say to prospects when they get voicemail or worse, when they don’t! The most common fear is what if they say something wrong?

So, whether you like it or not, these thoughts go on in every marketer’s head and it can be so easy to give up and just move on.

But you shouldn’t! The truth is that the more regularly you follow up with your prospects, the more likely it is that you will make sales.


But how do you follow up with prospects after the first contact? Sometimes it can get so tiring chasing people that you tend to lose focus.

Here are 5 of the best follow up strategies to use:


1.   Share new Information with them:

Always call your prospect with some sort of new information. Give them information that will excite and benefit them. You can start your call with “Here’s some great news for you!” This will surely make them sit up and take notice of you.


2.  Answer their Questions:

The more complex the sale, the more questions they will ask you. And the more questions being fired at you, the better should be your answers. But keep in mind that you don’t have to know every single answer right there and then. Always be honest and don’t just say anything that you aren’t sure of. If you don’t know an answer, then use this opportunity to find out what the answer is and follow up with your prospects.

3.  Share Success Stories with Them:

Share stories with prospects about how you helped other prospects with your products and services. For confidentiality purposes, it is advisable to refrain from sharing company names, but always be well equipped with more than a handful of great success stories.


4.  Keep a Reference List:

Keep your reference list to yourself until you get deep into the sales cycle. Once you are certain that your prospect is interested in what you have to offer, go ahead and give them your list and tell them to call your current clients.

A lot of network marketers go out with a list of 5 to 6 clients, but that is just not enough. Build a list of not less than 25 clients! So, when your competitors send out a small list and you send out a huge one, you’ll definitely make an impression!


5.  Keep Customer Testimonials with you:

When clients send you letters of praise or mails, save them, and ask if you can use these as customer testimonials. Now when you follow up with your prospect, you can show them these testimonials.



These are the 5 best follow up strategies to keep your prospects engaged. So, use these tips and never, never, never miss out on the opportunity to follow up with prospects!

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  1. Vineet Gupta Says:

    All of above techniques are pretty interesting.

    What I do is whenever a prospect comes & see the plan after that I hand over the follow up tool so that it becomes easy to meet & do follow up ;)
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