5 Most Effective Ways To Marketing Tupperware (MLM)

Fri, Mar 4, 2011



Tupperware is a household name today, and the Tupperware kitchen products can be found in nearly every household the world over. What’s more, Tupperware is also one of the most popular network marketing opportunities that comes replete with a whole line of home and kitchen storage products.


With a sales force of more than 2 million in over a 100 countries across the globe, Tupperware continues to offer some of the most innovative kitchen products. This global company enables millions of women, and even men, to start and build their own home-based businesses and it gives them a chance to build their futures.


Although Tupperware sells itself, it is very important for you to work on it in order to get money. However, this is the case with any network marketing business. But unlike all other businesses, with Tupperware there is just no limit to your earning potential! If you are interested in investing in Tupperware as a home-based business, then it is important to learn some valuable tips and strategies to help you master the world of network marketing.


So, what are the secrets to marketing Tupperware kitchen products?


In order to generate any sort of income, it is extremely important to have a large consumer base. This way you will generate income through commission, retail and bonuses. However, to gain any kind of income it is very important to expose your products through stringent marketing strategies. Here are 5 surefire ways to market your Tupperware kitchen products:


1.   Social Networking:

Using social networking to market your Tupperware kitchen products is a great way of gaining exposure. Sites like Facebook are extremely popular social networking sites that can link you to millions of people. Create a fan page for your Tupperware home business and invite everyone you know to join it.

Make frequent posts about new products and special offers and always host parties! Twitter is another great site in which you can share the same information. Moreover, you could even start your own personal Tupperware website. Most people like to shop online for their products and it is very important promote your URL and give them easy access to your site at all times.

2.   Online Marketing:

Effectively marketing your Tupperware kitchen products online is a great way to gain recognition. The Internet will expose you to a large audience base, and it is up to you to come with a number of strategies attract more clients. There are 2 extremely helpful ways of helping people find you instead of chasing them.

When you start your own Tupperware website, make sure the landing page is absolutely brilliant. Your site should always be user-friendly. When a prospect lands on your page, in most cases, they already know what they want to do on your site. So, make it as appealing to them.

Show them what you have to offer and always make sure they can clearly see what is waiting for them on the MAIN MENU. Once a client opts in to your landing page, your goal is to ensure they add themselves to your auto-responder email list. This can only be done if you give them an appetite for what you have for them.

Tell them about the benefits of joining the Tupperware community and what they can expect to gain. Next is keyword research. This is a method used to find the right solution for a question posed by someone on a search engine. Always make sure to do thorough keyword research. So choose keywords that a potential customer will be interested in.

For example, if a person is interested in Tupperware or Tupperware kitchen products, then the keywords he may type would be “Tupperware products”, “Tupperware reviews” or “Tupperware kitchen products”. Also you could write short articles on Tupperware kitchen products and link them to your site right at the bottom to let your reader visit your site and gather more information.

3.   Theme Parties:

Be creative and host as many home theme parties as you can. Include games and a lot of fun activities. This way, your clients will always be interested in your products and it will encourage them to purchase more from you.

Holiday theme parties and Tupperware presentations are a great way to market your brand. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the major holidays. Host simple parties like asking members to bring in homemade treats in Tupperware containers. Playing games will ensure your guests are entertained and make sure that there are prizes to be won and discounts offered.

Some other theme party ideas include baby showers, wedding showers and even girls’ night out. Theme parties are a great way to get your guests interested in your product, and a great way to convince your guests to sign up with you.

4.   Gift Sets:

Since the Tupperware brand is already so well known, most people know how to use its products. However, help them look at your products as something beyond mere utility sets. Present your products in an attractive way and this will help increase your sales.

Show your guests that the Tupperware products are not specifically used for kitchen purposes but can also be used as a creative set or a gift set. Give them creative ideas and gift options, and show them how by adding just a few Tupperware products, they can have a complete gift set! Wrap the set in cellophane or tulle so they see the end product.

This strategy is extremely useful especially during the holiday season when people are constantly on the lookout for good gifts.

5.   Bring Value to your Products:

With so many similar disposable products available today, it is very important to bring value to your Tupperware products. Inform people about the benefits of choosing Tupperware products over all other options and give them a cost comparison to show that Tupperware products are more cost-effective and durable.

At parties, show your guests that Tupperware is more than just a kitchen product. Also show them the alternative uses to the products to make sure they thoroughly understand the value of Tupperware.


Marketing your Tupperware kitchen products can be very challenging. But when you get it right, which eventually you will, the profits will just keep rolling in!

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  1. Dave Says:

    Hey Resha,

    Thanks for stopping by, there is lots of information about how to build your business on this blog. You can read the other posts…. Let me know if you need any assistance building your business at all.


    Dave Virdee

  2. Resha Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I loved you post!
    I have recently joined the Tupperware Community. I have always loved Tupperware products. Now that I have my own Tupperware business, I am feeling all excited about it. Out of the excitement though, I am confused how to get the right start and get going.
    I have distributed the catalogs to people I know, in office, neighborhood. I am also in the process of getting a website setup.

    Would you please share your thoughts too?


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